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You can claim Southern delay repay through Instant Delay Repay.

About Southeastern

Southeastern has operated as a service for London, Kent and some parts of East Sussex since 2006. They have the UK’s first ever domestic high-speed service with the use of Javelin trains. While Southeastern’s franchise agreement is over in late 2018, Department for Transport is looking for bidders.

Southeastern’s Area of Operation

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Southeastern Statistics

  • There were approximately 640,000 passenger journeys in 2016 on every weekday
  • There are 1755 Saturday train services and there are 967 train services on Sunday
  • Approximately 367 different trains
  • There are 180 stations and 164 managed stations, with two more stations in the morning at Bellingham and Crofton Park
  • There are over 4,000 working employees
  • On the UK domestic high-speed service, there’s a top speed of 140 mph

Delay Repay Information

How Will My Compensation Be Paid?

There are up to six different ways that you can claim your compensation and you must have at least one of them. The repayment plans are set by multiple train companies. You must have a delay of 30 minutes or more.

NOTE: If there are delays due to engineering work, these are not compensated.

Bank Transfer – To get an electronic bank transfer, all you need to do is provide your account number and your sort code.

PayPal – An easy and simple way to get paid. All you need to get paid by PayPal is the email address that’s associated with your PayPal.

eVoucher – If you go to the Southeastern Website, you’ll be able to redeem this voucher for more tickets.

Cash Vouchers – If you choose to get a cash voucher, you can then exchange a voucher for cash at a Southeastern office. You need to exchange these vouchers within 28 days or less. These vouchers can also be used in most places in Great Britain. This also includes seasonal tickets but there’s a time restriction of up to 12 months from when the seasonal ticket is issued. There’s also a limit of £50 if you want compensation in National Rail Vouchers. If you have an amount over 50, then you’ll have to accept a cheque.

NOTE: You will be required to have a photo ID if you want to redeem any voucher for cash, this rule has no exceptions.

Cheque – You can be paid by Cheque if you so choose. If you don’t choose a preference, this is how you’ll be paid.

Visa – All you have to do is provide your card number and expiration date.

For reference: See the National Rail Conditions of Travel and Compensation FAQs.

How to Claim

There is one main way to claim your delay repay. Please pay attention to the instructions and specific rules for each one because doing them incorrectly could either delay or disqualify you from collecting your repay.

You can apply online to claim your repay. However, please note, that you have to submit this claim within 28 days of your delay or it will be considered invalid.

Additionally, you MUST have proof of travel. If you don’t have proof of travel, there’s nothing we can do to help you. For people who are using Oyster Pay, you will need to provide the transaction receipt which can be downloaded on their website. For those who didn’t use Oyster Pay, you can either provide your original ticket purchase, show us a ticket receipt or you can submit a copy of a seasonal ticket you have along with your photocard. One of these items MUST be provided as proof of travel.

Repay Claim Form

If you’re looking to apply by post, you’ll need to download the official Delay Repay Claim Form (Click Here).

Southeastern Delay Repay,
LE65 9EL
Phone: 0345-322-7021

Once you’ve submitted your claim, you should expect a response in ten working days. We cannot guarantee your claim will be answered sooner.

How to calculate your compensation and what you’ll receive

Ticket type Length of delay
30 – 59 mins 1 hour – 1 hour 59 mins 2 hours +
Single 50% of the ticket cost 100% of the ticket cost 100% of the ticket cost
Return 25% of the ticket price 50% of the ticket price 100% of the ticket price
Season 50% of the journey’s rate 100% of the journey’s rate 200% of the journeys rate

Season Tickets

Seasonal tickets are only valid for a certain period of time that should be clarified upon purchase. Use the following timetable below to determine how you should be repaid.

Season ticket type Journey rate
Annual The ticket price divided by 464
Quarterly The ticket price divided by 120
Monthly The ticket price divided by 40
Weekly The ticket price divided by 10