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C2C Delay Repay Information

If you need to journey from Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness (approximately 39.5 miles or 63.57 kilometres), the fastest journey time is 58 minutes for the main route. The time of the journey depends on the average speed, which could be 47 minutes if you’re going an average speed of 50 mph or 58 minutes if you’re going an average of 40.7 mph. The Class 357 Electrostar trains can operate up to 100 mph (or 160 kmh) but there’s a strict speed limit on this line of 75 mph.

Route Map

Every route excluding West Ham and Stratford are run by C2C. West Ham and Stratford are ran and operated by London Underground. Network Rail runs the Liverpool Street station.

Every hour during off-peak service, there’s an average of 8 trains coming and going from Fenchurch Street.

C2C Route Guide


Route Calling at
Basildon: London Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness The same train services the Pitsea and West Horndon area

Southend Cnetral, Thorpe Bay, Southend East, Benfleet, Leigh-on-Sea, London, Basildon, west Horndon (2 trains p/h), Pitsea (2 trains p/h), Upminster, Barking, West Ham, Limehouse

Ockendon: London Fenchurch Street to Southend Central Barking, Westcliff, Leigh-on-Sea, Chalkwell, Chafford Hundred Lakeside, Tilbury Town, Stanford-le-Hope, Benfleet, Pitsea, East Tilbury, Ockendon, Upminster, West ham, Limehouse
Rainham: London Fenchurch Street to Grays Dock, Rainham, Dagenham, West Ham, Purfleet, Limehouse, Barking


During rush hour, additional services will be made available. Some services will be available to or from London. The starting area for these services is Leigh-on-Sea, Pitsea and Landon.

Morning: One of the peak time services won’t be called at West Ham or Limehouse. Additionally, there’s one that does call at West Ham but it misses Limehouse. Excluding peak times, every train should call at Limehouse and West Ham.

Evening: Only a few trains will miss West Ham but all of them will stop at Limehouse. This update came in the 2015 December time table.

Sundays: There’s a Shoeburyness non-stop service but it’s non-running on Sunday. Also, some of the late evening weekday and morning services that usually run early won’t be running from Shoeburyness & Grays to Barking via Rainham.

The average journey is 40 to 80 minutes with C2C. There’s no first-class seating. The seats are condensed for peak time optimal seating. They’re 3+2 and Class 357. 17 trains though now have grab handles and 2+2 seats.

Delay Repay with C2C – Claiming

For any delay repay claims, you’ll need to get a repay claim form but only for journeys that are delayed by 15 minutes or more. Your claim amount will depend on your ticket type and delay time.

For compensation, you can choose a debit card, a credit card, a National Rail Travel Voucher, a cheque or you can choose cash. Cash may be exchanged only with a National Rail Travel Voucher.

Delay Repay Amount

Note: You may receive a percentage for season plus return tickets instead of the percentage offered.

15 up to 29 minutes: You’re eligible for a 25% refund of the journey

30 up to 59 minutes: You’re eligible for a 50% refund of the journey

60 to 119 minutes: You’re eligible for a 100% refund of the journey

120+ minutes: You’ll get 100% of the return journey

C2C Compensation

For Single + Return Tickets – The ticket cost is the exact same as the journey. For return tickets, it’s half the price of the entire ticket cost.

Seasonal Tickets – C2C will pay the journey cost and to figure this out, they’ll device the ticket by working days. Once that number is found, it’s divided by two.

Week Tickets – C2C will divide the ticket cost by 5 days. This will get you the daily rate of travel and once that’s found, you will then have that divided by two. If you want a simplistic explanation, just divide the ticket cost by 10.

Monthly Tickets – It works the same as weekly tickets but instead of 5 working days, it’s 20 working days instead. Instead of diving the total cost of the ticket by 10, it’ll divide the total ticket cost by 40.

Yearly/Annual Tickets – This involves a lot more math because the entire ticket cost is divided up by 232 working days. It works essentially the same as monthly tickets and weekly tickets but the total divide is 464 from your initial ticket cost.


Get with c2c if you have a seasonal ticket that varies in length and they’ll work out how many working days are on the ticket. There are 5 working days in a week. That’s how the journey cost is calculated.


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