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You can claim Southern delay repay through Instant Delay Repay.

About Southeastern

Southeastern has operated as a service for London, Kent and some parts of East Sussex since 2006. They have the UK’s first ever domestic high-speed service with the use of Javelin trains. While Southeastern’s franchise agreement is over in late 2018, Department for Transport is looking for bidders.

Southeastern’s Area of Operation

Southeastern route map


Southeastern Statistics

  • There were approximately 640,000 passenger journeys in 2016 on every weekday
  • There are 1755 Saturday train services and there are 967 train services on Sunday
  • Approximately 367 different trains
  • There are 180 stations and 164 managed stations, with two more stations in the morning at Bellingham and Crofton Park
  • There are over 4,000 working employees
  • On the UK domestic high-speed service, there’s a top speed of 140 mph

Delay Repay Information

How Will My Compensation Be Paid?

There are up to six different ways that you can claim your compensation and you must have at least one of them. The repayment plans are set by multiple train companies. You must have a delay of 30 minutes or more.

NOTE: If there are delays due to engineering work, these are not compensated.

Bank Transfer – To get an electronic bank transfer, all you need to do is provide your account number and your sort code.

PayPal – An easy and simple way to get paid. All you need to get paid by PayPal is the email address that’s associated with your PayPal.

eVoucher – If you go to the Southeastern Website, you’ll be able to redeem this voucher for more tickets.

Cash Vouchers – If you choose to get a cash voucher, you can then exchange a voucher for cash at a Southeastern office. You need to exchange these vouchers within 28 days or less. These vouchers can also be used in most places in Great Britain. This also includes seasonal tickets but there’s a time restriction of up to 12 months from when the seasonal ticket is issued. There’s also a limit of £50 if you want compensation in National Rail Vouchers. If you have an amount over 50, then you’ll have to accept a cheque.

NOTE: You will be required to have a photo ID if you want to redeem any voucher for cash, this rule has no exceptions.

Cheque – You can be paid by Cheque if you so choose. If you don’t choose a preference, this is how you’ll be paid.

Visa – All you have to do is provide your card number and expiration date.

For reference: See the National Rail Conditions of Travel and Compensation FAQs.

How to Claim

There is one main way to claim your delay repay. Please pay attention to the instructions and specific rules for each one because doing them incorrectly could either delay or disqualify you from collecting your repay.

You can apply online to claim your repay. However, please note, that you have to submit this claim within 28 days of your delay or it will be considered invalid.

Additionally, you MUST have proof of travel. If you don’t have proof of travel, there’s nothing we can do to help you. For people who are using Oyster Pay, you will need to provide the transaction receipt which can be downloaded on their website. For those who didn’t use Oyster Pay, you can either provide your original ticket purchase, show us a ticket receipt or you can submit a copy of a seasonal ticket you have along with your photocard. One of these items MUST be provided as proof of travel.

Repay Claim Form

If you’re looking to apply by post, you’ll need to download the official Delay Repay Claim Form (Click Here).

Southeastern Delay Repay,
LE65 9EL
Phone: 0345-322-7021

Once you’ve submitted your claim, you should expect a response in ten working days. We cannot guarantee your claim will be answered sooner.

How to calculate your compensation and what you’ll receive

Ticket type Length of delay
30 – 59 mins 1 hour – 1 hour 59 mins 2 hours +
Single 50% of the ticket cost 100% of the ticket cost 100% of the ticket cost
Return 25% of the ticket price 50% of the ticket price 100% of the ticket price
Season 50% of the journey’s rate 100% of the journey’s rate 200% of the journeys rate

Season Tickets

Seasonal tickets are only valid for a certain period of time that should be clarified upon purchase. Use the following timetable below to determine how you should be repaid.

Season ticket type Journey rate
Annual The ticket price divided by 464
Quarterly The ticket price divided by 120
Monthly The ticket price divided by 40
Weekly The ticket price divided by 10


C2C Delay Repay


C2C Delay Repay Information

If you need to journey from Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness (approximately 39.5 miles or 63.57 kilometres), the fastest journey time is 58 minutes for the main route. The time of the journey depends on the average speed, which could be 47 minutes if you’re going an average speed of 50 mph or 58 minutes if you’re going an average of 40.7 mph. The Class 357 Electrostar trains can operate up to 100 mph (or 160 kmh) but there’s a strict speed limit on this line of 75 mph.

Route Map

Every route excluding West Ham and Stratford are run by C2C. West Ham and Stratford are ran and operated by London Underground. Network Rail runs the Liverpool Street station.

Every hour during off-peak service, there’s an average of 8 trains coming and going from Fenchurch Street.

C2C Route Guide


Route Calling at
Basildon: London Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness The same train services the Pitsea and West Horndon area

Southend Cnetral, Thorpe Bay, Southend East, Benfleet, Leigh-on-Sea, London, Basildon, west Horndon (2 trains p/h), Pitsea (2 trains p/h), Upminster, Barking, West Ham, Limehouse

Ockendon: London Fenchurch Street to Southend Central Barking, Westcliff, Leigh-on-Sea, Chalkwell, Chafford Hundred Lakeside, Tilbury Town, Stanford-le-Hope, Benfleet, Pitsea, East Tilbury, Ockendon, Upminster, West ham, Limehouse
Rainham: London Fenchurch Street to Grays Dock, Rainham, Dagenham, West Ham, Purfleet, Limehouse, Barking


During rush hour, additional services will be made available. Some services will be available to or from London. The starting area for these services is Leigh-on-Sea, Pitsea and Landon.

Morning: One of the peak time services won’t be called at West Ham or Limehouse. Additionally, there’s one that does call at West Ham but it misses Limehouse. Excluding peak times, every train should call at Limehouse and West Ham.

Evening: Only a few trains will miss West Ham but all of them will stop at Limehouse. This update came in the 2015 December time table.

Sundays: There’s a Shoeburyness non-stop service but it’s non-running on Sunday. Also, some of the late evening weekday and morning services that usually run early won’t be running from Shoeburyness & Grays to Barking via Rainham.

The average journey is 40 to 80 minutes with C2C. There’s no first-class seating. The seats are condensed for peak time optimal seating. They’re 3+2 and Class 357. 17 trains though now have grab handles and 2+2 seats.

Delay Repay with C2C – Claiming

For any delay repay claims, you’ll need to get a repay claim form but only for journeys that are delayed by 15 minutes or more. Your claim amount will depend on your ticket type and delay time.

For compensation, you can choose a debit card, a credit card, a National Rail Travel Voucher, a cheque or you can choose cash. Cash may be exchanged only with a National Rail Travel Voucher.

Delay Repay Amount

Note: You may receive a percentage for season plus return tickets instead of the percentage offered.

15 up to 29 minutes: You’re eligible for a 25% refund of the journey

30 up to 59 minutes: You’re eligible for a 50% refund of the journey

60 to 119 minutes: You’re eligible for a 100% refund of the journey

120+ minutes: You’ll get 100% of the return journey

C2C Compensation

For Single + Return Tickets – The ticket cost is the exact same as the journey. For return tickets, it’s half the price of the entire ticket cost.

Seasonal Tickets – C2C will pay the journey cost and to figure this out, they’ll device the ticket by working days. Once that number is found, it’s divided by two.

Week Tickets – C2C will divide the ticket cost by 5 days. This will get you the daily rate of travel and once that’s found, you will then have that divided by two. If you want a simplistic explanation, just divide the ticket cost by 10.

Monthly Tickets – It works the same as weekly tickets but instead of 5 working days, it’s 20 working days instead. Instead of diving the total cost of the ticket by 10, it’ll divide the total ticket cost by 40.

Yearly/Annual Tickets – This involves a lot more math because the entire ticket cost is divided up by 232 working days. It works essentially the same as monthly tickets and weekly tickets but the total divide is 464 from your initial ticket cost.


Get with c2c if you have a seasonal ticket that varies in length and they’ll work out how many working days are on the ticket. There are 5 working days in a week. That’s how the journey cost is calculated.


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Southern Rail Delay Repay

On average, there are about 500,000 individual journeys made through the Southern Network. When people need to travel, they choose us. Whether they need to quickly get to work, get to the airport, have a nice outing at the beach, go to the bar or simply need to get home, they choose Southern trains.

Southern’s Areas of Operations

With 156 unique stations, Southern cover many different routes in the following:

  • South London (the southern coastal area and central London
  • East & West Sussex
  • Surrey
  • Kent & Hampshire (some parts, not all)

Southern Rail Map

You can find the Southern main London train stations at Victoria & London Bridge. In total, they have a robust operation of over 4,000 staff members and we have 300 trains that range from new to refurbished condition.

Southern Information

Govia Thameslink Railway is who owns Southern Railway Ltd. Govia is a network of train companies that include Gatwick Express, Thameslink Services & Great Northern. Govia was founded under a partnership between Keolis and Go-Ahead Group to help consolidate services and businesses.

Southern Compensation, Delays & Returns

If you’ve experienced a delay of 15 minutes or more on an expected train, you may be compensated or refunded for your ticket. However, compensation is discretionary and any delays caused by engineers will not be credited with compensation.

Claiming Compensation

If you’re a season ticket holder, you could be due compensation for the week or even more depending on the circumstances. To determine how much compensation your due, Southern will devide the total cost of a seasonal ticket by 464. If you’re not a season ticket holder, Southern use a pro-rata calculation to determine your compensation.

You’re covered for 464 journeys on an annual season ticket

  • If you hold a six-monthly season ticket, you’re covered for 240 journeys
  • Quarterly ticket holders have coverage for 120 journeys
  • For monthly ticket holders, you’re covered for 40 journeys
  • Finally, for weekly ticket holders, you’re covered for 10 journeys

Delay Times & Compensation for Season Ticket Holders

  • If your train is late from 15 to 29 minutes, you will be compensated with 25% of the journey
  • If your train is late from 30 to 59 minutes, you will be compensated with 50% of the journey
  • If your train is late from 60 to 119 minutes, you will be compensated with 100% of the journey
  • If your train is 120 minutes late or more, then you’ll be given compensation for an entire day’s worth of travel, including the return

Delay Times & Compensation for Day Ticket Holders

  • If your train is late 15 to 29 minutes, you’ll get up to 25% of the fare you paid or 25% of the portion time that was affected
  • If your train is late 30 to 59 minutes, you’ll get 50% compensation with the above terms
  • For trains that are late from 60 to 119 minutes, you’ll get 100% of the fare you paid or 50% of the return fare
  • In the rare event of a train being late 120 minutes or more, you’re due 100% compensation

You MUST have valid proof of purchase and travel if you’re filling out a compensation claim form. We must be able to validate your purchase.

  • You need to have the original ticket you purchased
  • If you don’t have your ticket, you’ll need a ticket receipt
  • If available, a picture of your seasonal ticket would be helpful
  • Your key Smartcard number (for those issued a Smartcard by another company, we need the details of the tickets on that Smartcard)

For Oyster Seasonal Ticket Holders

  • The zones covered in the terms of your Oyster card
  • Your date of purchase

If you visit the TfL website, you can get detailed information on your Oyster account. If you have a Contactless journey, it should be on there. Any statement you need will be available on, provided that you have a registered card.

For those that are claiming by post, you need to manually send a form to:
Govia Thameslink Railway
Unit 16
Coalfield Way
LE65 1JT

For every person that experiences a delay, every individual must submit their own delay repay claim. This rule doesn’t apply to children and you can view those rules by clicking here.

Please Note: All multiple claims for the same journey will automatically be declined and if you’re expecting compensation, these will then be delayed as we investigate your claim.

How Will I Be Compensated?

You can do a bank transfer (BACS)
You can receive an E-Voucher but you must have an account with us
You can be paid through PayPal (it’s free to sign up)
A cash voucher that can be traded for cash at any Gatwick Express, Northern, Southern or Thameslink ticket office
A personal cheque